In love there is no such thing as right and wrong.
No such thing as perfection.
There are just infinitive moments when time stops.
No one's decisions are smart or dumb.
They are just decisions of the heart.
The moment when it skips a beat for someone
is equal to an earthquake.
Your body starts shivering, your mind feels puzzled,
and nothing else matters.
You feel no pain.
When love dies the pain creeps in
and everything else disappears.


Anonymous said...

If you put everything on love (feelings in general really) you can only expect short bursts of happiness followed by months of expectations that inevitably leed to depression. Because you only accept what others give you. Not what you can give to yourself. Ofcourse you'll occasionallyfind some weak soul to "love" you and make you feel special. But no great mind can ever love you if you don't enjoy yoursefl like they do.
It's when you don't need anything, you get it. And only then you are able to choose from the best and enjoy it. After all you never loose an ability to admire.

Ina said...

You must be someone who cares. But why be scared to let people know?

Thank you